About Us

Saltex Pharma is part of the Saltex group of companies, with a history of supplying goods and services to government entities on a global scale since 2009.

Saltex Pharma’s sole purpose is to expand the reach of niche pharmaceutical and medical device products to the Canadian healthcare system as well as serving other International communities.

Since our inception, we have facilitated access to new markets for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, in addition to assisting local suppliers of healthcare services to better care for their patients through procurement of licensed medical goods and devices.


Government services: 12 years
Healthcare: 10 years
Logistic : 7 years
Product Sourcing: 5 years


2020 has been a challenging year for all, not least the healthcare systems as a whole, including hospitals, manufacturers and patients alike. Saltex Pharma are proud to have been able to support our partners and clients throughout, and we will be there for you over the course of 2021 too! Together we will come out the other side of this pandemic and move forward from strength to strength

Samir Dhalla

Clinical Director

Saltex Pharma