Studies conducted at leading research centers across Europe, found that the CE and ISO 13485 Certified BIOZEK tests detected antibodies at a much earlier stage post onset of symptoms.

The introduction of rapid testing as a mainstay in the long-term fight against COVID-19 will be crucial to ensure monitoring of populations can be conducted, with rapid tests enabling governments and healthcare authorities to be pro-active in this area.

Current methods for antibody testing are predominantly lab based, and can take up to 3 days to receive results back. Other Antibody tests require the use of additional apparatus, and processing is limited to only a few tests per hour in local settings. With BIOZEK testing requiring only a single finger-prick blood sample, and no special apparatus, results are available much faster within 15 minutes.

Clinical Director, Saltex Pharma explains “The opportunity to implement regular, safe and effective antibody testing in any population is key to ensuring that the economy is safeguarded where possible against further restrictive measures, and takes into account the general population’s resistance to infection. The BIOZEK Test provides the ability to harness what the Canadian Healthcare system has already put in place as well as expand and build upon that.”

Dhalla continues: “By helping to detect the immunity of an exposed population, monitor the spread of disease, test the infection status of a workforce segment and study the disease’s progression, data can be used to make better informed decisions about quarantine and social distancing regionally or locally, as well as be used to risk stratify health care providers, police, firefighters, utility workers, and other essential workforce employees.”

A further benefit of the BIOZEK Test, as confirmed by a joint study conducted by Public Health England and the University of Oxford, is its ability to actively detect antibodies at an acceptable level from day 10 onwards post symptom onset. When compared to existing antibody tests already approved by Health Canada, this significantly improves on the existing capabilities, where the current approved tests show acceptable detection rates at greater than 20 days post symptom onset.

As a leading supplier of goods and services to government entities and healthcare providers around the world, Saltex Pharma specialises in bringing such technologies to new markets, ensuring equal access to pharmaceutical products that support better health and care for patients.

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